Bed bug extermination services in Ontario

Tricity Bed Bugs specializes in providing bed bug extermination services in areas including Kitchener, Guelph, Waterloo and Cambridge. If you have been a victim to frequent attacks by the pests in your bed, we can provide timely and effective solutions to help you out.


To ensure complete satisfaction for our customers, we dedicate ourselves completely to the service of our clients.

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We intend to provide relief to all of our customers and help them have a good night’s rest after a hard day.

We also make sure our team of professionals take complete care of the problem and get the job done with the best quality instruments

From customer satisfaction to providing a proper platform to our service professionals, we go out of our way to ensure client satisfaction

Our Heat Treatment Process

Non-chemical, non-toxic approach Penetrates hard to reach areas Kills all life stages of bed bugs One day treatment No odor 99 percent kill rate on an average at first day Greatly reduced pesticide usage (but chemicals are used during and for follow up)

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We have an excellent quality management system aligned with safety policies pertaining to the theme of “Safety and Quality First”.

We aim towards the assurance of maintaining quality standards while adopting to market demands and environmental protection requirements; we pursue research and development for more advanced design and installation technology.


Our vision has ensured the achievement of customer's expectation. Our energetic and creative staff are strongly committed to dedicating their knowledge to our customers, and to be constructive through the systems designed by us. Also, we maintain the highest standards of integrity and innovation in the work we do.

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