The thought of crawling bugs near the beds makes the person fearful and panic. Bugs are those pesky creatures for whom bed is the primary residence as they love to reside in hidden places. Beds are the common areas which give access to bugs to easily attack human blood. They suck blood to survive and feed until they become energetic. On waking up, if you find bites on a body, then there is a high possibility they might be bugs.

These are few clues that are helpful in determining if bites are given by the bugs or some other pest:

Bed Bug Bites Are Small, Red & Itchy In Appearance

You can get an idea through the appearance of the bite marks as these marks are small, red and itchy in nature. If you have bed bug bites with these all characteristics, it may be an indication of bed bug presence.

Bed Bug Usually Attacks On Arms & Shoulders

Another clue that determines whether you have a bed bug bite or not is to inspect the bitten area. Bugs usually attack exposed skin of arms and shoulders as these areas are easily accessed by the bugs.

Bed Bug Bites Usually Noticed On Waking Up

If you notice bed bug signs on waking up, then there are high possibilities you have received them from bugs during the night. It’s necessary to check your body for bites immediately.

After discovering all these possibilities, the next step is to hire a pest control company to rid of these crawlers. One must also look for a doctor to treat the bed bug bites as soon as possible. For the proper inspection of these all clues, you can hire our pest control exterminators at Bed Bug Pros.