Most people prefer the home remedies to remove the bed bugs. Often they complain about not getting the right result. Actually, removing the bed bugs is not as easy as it seems. You may never know that:

  1. Bed bugs can be resistant to the chemicals, you commonly use for the treatment.
  2. The bugs can take up to a week to fully disappear.
  3. Heat is not the only solution to control the bugs.

The reason of inability to remove them is their capability to sense the danger and hide at the safe place. Below is the major reason behind your failure in bed bugs removal. After knowing these, you can improve your techniques.

Treatment To Limited Places

Bed bugs can’t stay at one place for a long time. They used to drive from one to another place and hide in your home cracks, clutter, crevices, small holes, upholstery furniture, carpet, etc for a long time. If you notice the bed bugs in your mattress and spray the pesticides only in the mattress, it will be your bigger mistake. They might reach the other places of your home.

Wrong Technique

Often people use the kitchen ingredients to kill pests such as ultrasonic devices, baking soda, talcum powder, etc. However, there is no proven result of these remedies to remove the bed bugs. If you rely on the DIY techniques as the only solution to control the bed bugs then you are giving them time to live for more days and reproduce their eggs.

Actual Heat Treatment

Among several techniques, the heat treatment ensures to remove the bed bugs. But, it does not mean to fire. If you want to use the heat treatment at your home, you can simply wash the upholstery furniture, linen, clothes, carpet, and washable accessories with the hot water.

Instead of doing yourself especially when you are not sure to get the proven result is likely to waste your time. While Bed Bug Pros has the team of professional and experienced bed bugs exterminator in Kitchener who ensure to provide a long-lasting result. Call today for most services.