Having bed bugs in your home is one of the crucial problems. The bedbugs are often found in your mattress, curtains, upholstery furniture, carpets and winter clothes. Even, they are noticed in the bus stand, theater, train, hotels, motels, hostels, etc. They can enter your home when you buy anything old or don’t inspect it before use.

For an individual, bed bugs may be a matter of confusion as these are not easy to catch. But, when bed bugs come into your home you will notice some changes around you, such as:

  1. Uncomfortable Nights Bedbugs available in your mattress will become active in the night and start to bite on your uncovered body parts. The bite feels you like a pinch and forces you to scratch it continuously. Your nights become sleepless and stressful.
  2. Unpleasant Smell With the existence of bed bugs, you will notice the musty odor like a wet towel. Your closed room will feel like you unlock a dirty locker room after a long time. You have to inspect the bedbugs on expected area.
  3. Red Marks on the Body The bed bugs tend to bite human especially on arms and shoulders. The area where they bite gets redness. The bite looks like flat red welts in zigzag lines or sometimes in small clusters.

How Do Bedbugs Look?

A mature bed bug has a size of 5 millimeters that is equal to the size of an apple seed. They are reddish brown, wingless and swell up like a torpedo. After blood feeding, they change their color and turn out to be red in color. After a few days, they may get back to reddish brown. The immature bed bugs are one stage of bugs when they are ready to approach adulthood. On talking about their eggs, these could be smaller and pearly white may be a millimeter long.

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